Features of Hiptrack T-shirts

Hiptrack Fabric Characteristics

- Special Cotton fabric is medium thickness with a special woven fabric order, but the texture is thicker than the other two models. But for a Fed coat, the feel is soft to wear and not irritate the skin as it has been chemically processed to make the Fed look like a vintage shirt.
- The Heavy Cotton Combed fabric is ideal for those who prefer a thick fabric. It's smooth and smooth. It's the best for T-shirt line. It's 100% cotton grade with minimal shrinkage (dischargeable by special dye).

Hiptrack™ 90's vintage T-shirt is a 90's style because it's the golden age of T-shirts. It's also a time when band shirts, tour shirts, leather shirts and comic shirts are the most prosperous. The shirt will be oversized.

Detel according to the Vintage T-shirt textbook Single Stitch (Single Stitch), the entire sleeve, the shirt has no side stitch on the body of Kofit. Or the Vintage T-shirt industry likes to say, "Single seam, top, bottom, Kofit, no side"
Hiptrack™ fabric is 100% Cotton or 100% Cotton because it is the best fiber for making T-shirts. Cotton is the best quality imported cotton.
For weaving, we chose the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Thailand, which allows our fabric to be tight and high-strength to minimize the problem of shrinkage by up to 5% +/-1 inch.
In addition, we have ordered a Reactive dye that will make the color durable to the washable color and extend the life of the shirt.
The fabric is divided into 3 versions:
- The Premium Cotton Combed version is not too thick and not too thin.
- The Special Cotton model has a moderate thickness.
- Heavy Cotton Combed version of the thickest cloth grade.

single/double seam
Single Stitch is a seam that is sewn around the sleeve and the hem of the shirt using single thread. Most T-shirts in the 70s and 80s were sewn as a single seam. Since then, most of the machines used in the garment industry mainly sewed using single thread. Nowadays, single seam sewing is difficult to find technicians.
Double Stitch is to sew the seam around the sleeve and the hem by walking two threads together, so it is called double seam. In the mid 90s, it began to be converted to double seam to enhance the beauty of the display of seam yarn. Therefore, today's T-shirt sewing will be used as a double seam method.